Saturday, 28 July 2012

Serenity Cupcakes come to London!

This weekend I had the ultimate pleasure of baking for an amazing Danish bakery, they were invited to hop on a plane to London so that they could sell their bakes at Alexander Docks for the Olympics! Serenity used Faircake to prepare their delicious products and I've had the chance to bake for them! Sadly none of the cupcakes were iced at Faircake so the above picture must be credited to an awesome Danish photographer whom I do not know.

Each and every one of their recipes is unique and downright delicious. Serenity use authentic Danish ingredients that are sourced locally, they even shipped most of them to Faircake! They used some really crazy stuff, but it made all the difference and definitely means that Serenity's cupcakes are a cut above the rest!
Serenity's chocolate Oreo cupcakes with dark chocolate chips
Bohemian Raspberry cake batter
Their cupcakes will be sold in London until Sunday, and they have chosen some seriously delicious choices which are - Bohemian Raspberry, Liquorice Devil, Apple Blossom, Carrot Karma & Chocolate. The Bohemian Raspberry won itself over as my most favourite, it had a sweet vanilla sponge with a few raspberries dotted around which was also accompanied by some gorgeous melted white chocolate chips. As for the real bakery - it boasts such a boutique feel, I'm definitely going to plan a  trip to Copenhagen so I can visit pretty damn soon! 

My afternoon's work for Serenity!

Mbakes x


  1. Thanks Em, it has been a plesure working with you. indre xxx

  2. Anytime Indre, I had a great time - please don't feel like a stranger if you ever need help again!

  3. Ooooh I'm in London tomorrow where do I find these cakes :P

  4. Hi Emmy, these cakes can only be found in Copenhagen unfortunately!


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