Saturday, 9 June 2012

Review: Ortigia, Sicily

This week I had my first holiday in three years, to Italy! The first thing I shall inform you of - the Sicilians love their Charlie Simpson from Busted. My boyfriend and I stayed in the most gorgeous traditional two story flat with an overlooking terrace, which meant I had the pleasure of coming home a lobster. Cue the food. Oh. My. God. The carbonara. The spaghetti. The lasagne. The clam dishes. The cannoli. The cappuccino. THE HUMUNGOUS AUBERGINES. I also bought 15 euros worth of authentic sicilian cocoa powder and vanilla, as well as some Limoncello and chocolate liquor, so expect these ingredients to be the forefront of future posts! I doubt she will be reading, but Shirley - thank you so much for an amazing holiday! We owe you the world. 
Thanks to my dogs I was unable to take my SLR with me, they somehow got hold of my lens cap and managed to chew the thing up beyond use. So bringing it would have spelt disaster. I will not underestimate the iphone camera because I still get to share some Instagram tampered pictures with you!

7 euros for this baby

Mbakes x

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